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Bringing Ezra Home

Adoption Awareness Merchandise

Vannette Adoption

Vannette Adoption, a Royal Blue Premium Unisex Tee

Premium Unisex Tee

Vannette Adoption, a Black Women's Slim Fit Tee

Women's Slim Fit Tee

Vannette Adoption, a Black Youth Long Sleeve Tee

Youth Long Sleeve Tee

Vannette Adoption, a Black Premium Youth Tee

Premium Youth Tee


Vannette Family Adoption

Hey there! We are Joshua and Courtney Vannette! Since before we were married we dreamed of one day adopting at least one, if not multiple kiddos. That dream and calling is finally coming into fruition! We hope to soon be traveling to India to bring home our precious Little Cub. 
Shirt Description: We designed these T-shirts just for ourselves but family and friends soon expressed their interest as well so we are now making them available for others to order. We would love for these shirts to help bring awareness to adoption, deafness, and the great need for more families to become forever families to the many waiting kiddos. -The circle: Signifies the connection shared by Ezra's birth family and Indian heritage and our own family, even though we may never know each other.-The outline of India: There is a tiny red heart placed in the location of Ezra's current home city where our hearts currently reside also.-The "I love you" hand: signifies just what it says - our love for Ezra!-"One Less. One More." - Ezra is ONE LESS child out of 20 million orphans in India and ONE MORE child dearly loved by a family! 
Thank you for your support and prayers as we pursue bringing Ezra home! Much Love!" 
I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." John 14:18

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