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Official Merchandise

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Black Premium Unisex Tee

Premium Unisex Tee

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Athletic Heather Premium Long Sleeve Tee

Premium Long Sleeve Tee

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Sport Grey Pullover Hoodie

Pullover Hoodie

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Grey Triblend Unisex Tee

Triblend Unisex Tee

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Black Crewneck Sweatshirt

Crewneck Sweatshirt

Mountain Mover #EverettStrong, a Sport Grey Youth Unisex Tee

Youth Unisex Tee

Just a little boy, showing the world that he can Move Mountains after hemispherectomy.


As many of you know, our sweet Everett has fought incredibly big battles ever since he was diagnosed with epilepsy in April 2019.  
In his short 3 1/2 years of life, Everett has experienced not only a diagnosis of Infantile Spasms, a rare and catastrophic type of infantile onset epilepsy, but also the failure of multiple different anti-epileptic drugs, including some with very miserable side effects. After multiple medication failures and massive losses of developmental milestones, we sought out a second opinion from a world renowned neurology team that specializes in Infantile Spasms at UCLA . It was because of this second opinion that we discovered Everett had a large malformation known as Focal Cortical Dysplasia across the left hemisphere of his brain, which his team was certain was the root cause of his epilepsy. This discovery and a vicious return of his seizures in March 2020, ultimately lead us to an rare brain surgery called a hemispherectomy. This surgery removed a large portion of the left half of Everett's brain and disconnected the portion that remained from the right side. This surgery was our "Hail Mary" and our best shot at stopping Everett's seizures for good.  
But this surgery didn't come without side effects. The surgery removed Everett's left motor strip, the area of the brain that controls mobility on the right half of the body, rendering him essentially paralyzed on the right half of his body. In the human brain, speech is also typically controlled by two specialized areas, both in the left hemisphere of the brain. Everett has worked incredibly hard in the 18 months since his surgery and has regained the ability to walk, however he still has very minimal function in his right arm and has not yet to learn how to talk. We are hopeful that, with time, he will continue to gain function in his arm and our dream is that someday we will hear him talk.  
Which brings us to now, we have the opportunity to take Everett to a 3 week intensive therapy (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks) at the world famous NAPA Center in early 2022. NAPA specializes in neurorehabilitation for kiddos like Everett and we have seen many of our amazing warrior friends have huge breakthroughs after a session at NAPA. However, as we have learned over the past 2 1/2 years, nothing in the medical world comes cheap...especially specialized therapies.
Everett has battled some pretty monumental odds in his short life. However, despite all of the negativity life has thrown at him he is strong and resilient and he still manages to smile, laugh, and give the sweetest little one armed hugs that would melt your heart. He truly is our Mountain Mover, and this shirt was designed in his honor. 
All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be put towards funding Everett's therapy at NAPA center next year, we hope that you will proudly wear your shirt or sweatshirt in honor of the strongest superhero we know.  
Our family is forever grateful for the love and support we have received from so many of you, and we look forward to continuing to share our story and Everett's journey with all of you as he continues to move mountains.  
Brandon, Sara, and Everett#EverettStrong  
P.S. - for any of you that haven't read Everett's journey through surgery and his recovery so far, please feel free to check out our blog at http://www.lifeinsherwoodforest.com

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