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Free Sail Studios

Official Merchandise

Seascape Painting

Seascape Painting, a White Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug


Over The Moon

Over The Moon, a Athletic Heather Premium Long Sleeve Tee

Premium Long Sleeve Tee

Over The Moon, a Midnight Navy V-Neck Unisex Tee

V-Neck Unisex Tee

Over The Moon, a Charcoal Pullover Hoodie

Pullover Hoodie

Over The Moon, a Charcoal Premium Unisex Tee

Premium Unisex Tee

Graphic Artist.                        Painter.                                      U.S. / CA 

About Me

I am an artist born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida and currently living in New Brunswick, Canada. I am a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a B.A in Studio Art. I am currently attending Crandall University  in Canada. My mission is to share my art with as many people as I can. My hopes is to one day be recognized for my paintings and my designs while making people smile and to share my inspiration with others. I love traveling, creating art, the outdoors, and fishing. I live with my girlfriend in a small town and own a total of 3 cats Jack, Molly, and Ellie. Thanks for checking out my art and please feel free to share! :) 

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