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Official Merchandise

Killer Kitties Rescue

Killer Kitties Rescue, a Red Premium Unisex Tee

Premium Unisex Tee

Killer Kitties Rescue, a Red Classic Unisex Tee

Classic Unisex Tee

Our mission: To save cats in the Stanly County, NC animal shelter; provide care + forever homes

Why "Killer Kitties"?

In 2018 when our county shelter (Stanly County) had a euthanasia rate of near 100 percent for cats our county commissioners created the first rescue coordinator position at that shelter. 
Prior to this it had been nearly impossible to get the shelter to work with rescues. After fostering for other rescues I decided to start my own. I discussed the possibility with my husband as it would have a major impact on our lives and my time . He was extremely supportive and wanted to help me name the rescue.  
He suggested " Killer Kitties“. I said that that was the absolute WORST name I had ever heard for a rescue.  
He said "Why? It’s a play on words. Cats are predators aren’t they? 'Killer' is also slang for 'terrific'", I scowled. He continued. “Look , you can’t name it something like Pretty Paws or Fluffy Friends ..... those are not original and a man is never going to look at your Facebook or web page. A guy is more likely to browse a page with a word in it like killer...and men like cats too“. I slept on it and told the kids about Dad’s name and they liked it. My oldest designed our logo based off the Aristocats Movie scene that she knew I loved.  
I get asked about the name of my rescue a lot. So that means people are talking about it. When you hear the name..... it’s so unusual and catchy people remember it easily!  
Not because of us... but mostly because of the work of the county commissioners, the sheriff Jeff Crisco and the new shelter manager Jana Aviles our shelter has been since rebranded as Stanly County Protective Services. Their live release rate was in the 90th percentile for the first part of 2021. We are proud of their hard work and happy to have a little part in their success.  
Our kitties are killer, by the way.

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