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Weber Family Closet

Official Merchandise

Hi im nathan enjoy my family closet of funny motivational quotes, sayings and pictures.

Family matters

   Every one grows up, become adults and find the love of there lives and gets merried to them. This is why i made this store, "family memories" and to share my memories that mattered that brought my laughter and meaning.     I have alway thought the strongest ones in are lives and are hearts are our mothers, they always put an enprint on are lives and help us choose who would make the perfect wife to spend the rest of are lives with.   now the men in are live represent structure that are lives become and the lessons we learn though mistake and how to fix and over come to make are learnings to be successful.   No matter man or woman sometimes the rolls flip or come together, The way we are brought up doesn't have to be the way we raise our own but how we are guided to know what to do or not, Alway being given a choice and a gift to choose are path.

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