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T-shirt fundraising made simple

Bonfire is the easy way to raise money online with custom shirts & hoodies

  • 100% free
  • No inventory required
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A t-shirt fundraising platform that works for individuals, groups, causes, and nonprofits

Set up an online campaign to sell your fundraising shirts.


Our mobile-friendly campaign pages are built for fundraising. Reach supporters with your customized web page to share the story and raise money.

A catalog of custom apparel makes it easy to create unique fundraising shirts for every cause.


The custom apparel catalog hosts comfortable and stylish shirts. Design a classic t-shirt fundraiser or test new product in different styles, fits and colors.

Marketing your t shirt fundraiser is easy with social media sharing tools


it's easy for your community to keep your fundraiser trending to their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest after viewing your campaign or making a purchase.

Secure checkout is key to selling more fundraising shirts.


Allow customers to shop and pay their way. When you fundraise with Bonfire, your supporters have the option to add a donation and check out with PayPal or any major debit and credit card.

Make sure you have the support you need to execute and succeed in your t shirt fundraising.


We started as crowdfunders. That's why we've built Bonfire around a passionate team who enables and equips fundraisers to face obstacles with creative confidence and a partnership.

Why people love to raise money with Bonfire

Great fundraising shirts allow creators to showcase their ingenuity.


Fundraisers celebrate creativity with their community. Original graphics with engaging typography, illustrations and brand graphics have the power to start conversations, establish individuality and unite passionate people around shared beliefs.

Fundraising shirts can inspire people to rally around a cause.


Life's most difficult times bring communities together to express kindness and love for one another. People help a neighbor or family member in different ways — like setting up emergency fundraisers or donating to offset disaster, medical or memorial expenses.

Fundraising shirts are a great way to build stronger partnerships in your community


We believe a connected community provides a way for people to other grow and overcome challenges. By focusing on understanding communities, building better tools and creating a smarter system, we're rethinking a bright future where design, commerce and collaboration coexist.

How our t-shirt fundraising platform works


Design and launch

Upload custom artwork or create your design right on Bonfire


Promote & sell

Spread the word on social media while we handle everything else


Shirts are shipped

Sit back as orders are printed and sent directly to buyers


Receive the profits

Get a fast payout of 100% of the campaign profits

Get started for free

No monthly subscriptions. No inventory costs. No upfront costs.

Our t-shirt fundraisers are inspiring communities around the globe.

Fundraising shirts are a great asset for events.

Fundraising events

Charity events for holidays, 5K runs / walks, golf tournaments, concerts and art auctions unite supporters and build brand recognition.

Personal fundraising t-shirts allow you to express your individuality and raise money!

Personal fundraising

Family, friends and community fundraising offsets life event expenses for school and college, adoption, medical and travel.

Fundraising shirts give donors an incentive to donate to a nonprofit’s online campaign.

Nonprofit fundraising

501(c)3 organizations use crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising to leverage the power of social networks to gain support around the world.

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Join thousands of nonprofits, companies and individuals fundraising each week.


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